Sonoma Valley, CA

May 2016. I finished my first year of college, and arrived home from a ten-day tour with my choir up to northern California, only to return about a week later with my mom, aunt, sister, and two cousins for another one of my cousin’s wedding. This wedding is one of my favorites and most memorable experiences. My cousin, the bride, didn’t spend money on decorations whilst the ceremony was in the forest– she simply didn’t need to. She let God show off His awesome skills for creating beauty– masterful pieces of majestic nature– and also let that same idea reflect in their marriage. A beautiful and pure love is simple. And maybe simplicity is quite a deal more of what we need now; to focus on the marriage rather than creating the picturesque Pinterest wedding. You feel? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s nice to make your wedding day look stunning, but too often I see young women lose sight of what is most important that day. A day to reflect Christ’s love through each other in marriage. Life doesn’t end at the wedding day, or at least I sure hope and pray it doesn’t, so we shouldn’t plan on such things.


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