Paris, France (pt. 3)

Our days in Paris were filled with wandering the streets, strolling through the countless museums, and enjoying the French culture and lifestyle. For breakfast, we would occasionally have a breakfast picnic on the Champ de Mars by the Eiffel Tower, and then continue our day through exploring every place we could access by foot, occasionally taking the underground transportation system when necessary. Our favorite thing to do was relax in the park situated next to the Notre Dame Cathedral, eating our macarons, writing postcards, and FaceTiming our family back home, as there was free wifi in the park. We attended church while we were there as well, because honestly, it was all thanks to Jesus we even made it there in the first place. In the morning, we decided to visit Hillsong Paris, while in the evening we went to the First American Church of Paris, which was actually more of my favorite place to have been. If I ever have the chance to live in Paris, I know for sure that will be my home church.

Life in Paris was a dream. When I think back upon those days, they seem surreal.. As though visiting Paris for nine days– walking through the Louvre Museum and seeing paintings I have only read about in textbooks, eating ice cream as we strolled through the parks, marveling at the grandiose beauty of Paris’s cathedrals, churches, and basilicas, watching the 14th of July fireworks from atop the hill on Sacre-Couer, enjoying life as a care free spirit with the only worries of what and where we were going to eat next (probably a FranPrix)… I reflect upon those days not with sadness knowing I am not currently able to experience that at the moment, but with a melancholic feeling, knowing God was so great to have let me experience such a wonderful life with my best friend by my side.


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