Monaco, Monaco. Monte Carlo, Monaco. Pretty much what comprises the entire country of Monaco. Smaller than the backyard of a Tennessee countryman, Monaco is 2.02 km² in size. For such a small country, we were busy the entire day we were there. Visiting a country so rich they had helicopters and private jets for sale on windows, rather than your typical apartments or small family homes (their GDP per capita is 163,025.86 USD {2011}, thanks Google), we had mixed feelings of being there. With that, however, our day was filled with exploring the Saint Nicholas Cathedral where Grace Kelly is buried, walking around the beautiful gardens and parks, playing in the warm and brilliantly blue Mediterranean Sea waters, and of course, visiting Monte Carlo. We traversed the country six times that day– that’s how small it was. We were fairly certain we knew almost every street by the end of it all. For such a small country, it surely left a large and significant impression.


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