Paris, France (pt. 4)

Simply put, Paris was a dream. From meeting up with old family friends for a few hours one day, to enjoying picnic dinners alongside the Seine River with the French vibrancy of love and friendships aglow in the city as a backdrop for us, I am astounded at how much God has opened doors in my life for me to experience Him more in ways I did not think were possible. Through this spontaneous trip of exploring a foreign country I’ve been wishing to visit, with my best friend whom I would not have traded to experience with anyone else, God showed me just how great it is to trust Him when He opens doors and opportunities for us in life like that. By taking that leap of faith, I saw His beauty in everything. I saw it  in the beautiful cathedrals. I saw it in the pure laughter on children playing in the parks. I saw it the poor man’s work doing his best to support his family. I saw it in the priceless artworks in museums. I saw it my sister’s heart as she showed me her love. I saw it in myself, when He changed my life the moment I decided to fearlessly, fiercely, and freely follow Him, against all odds, troubles, and pain which may endure. I choose to see the beauty in everything because of Him, since He still chooses to see the beauty in me.


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