Lacul Roșu & Cheile Bicazului, Romania

I may be slightly biased when I say this, but Romania is one of my favorite countries to visit. From the mountainous forests, to the vastly open countrysides, there is a variety of lifestyle and culture to experience. This past summer, 2016, I went with my cousin and a group of 17 friends from our church to his cabin up in the mountains. About a four hour drive east from Cluj-Napoca, Lacul Rosu (Red Lake) is located in the Eastern Carpathian mountains and often leaves one in awe of God’s creation when looking not only at the lake, but also at Cheile Bicazului (Bicaz Gorge). This summer was the second time I ventured into the forests and mountains of Romania by car with my cousin, basically adopted brother, Calin. God loves to show off His greatest work through the smallest details, I like to think. So here I am, attempting to capture some of God’s beauty to share with you all.

Group photo at Cheile Bicazului (Bicaz Gorge).
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Carpathian Mountains, Romania.
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Chill Bicazului ft. some of our friends here and there.
Rowing on the Red Lake.
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Excuse the elbow in the bottom left, but Lacul Rosu.

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