Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague was a city we spent only a day in, but oh my word was it such a wonderful day! There is so much to see, explore, and do, yet we were only able to experience a small percentage of it. Prague is also by far one of the cleanest cities in Europe (for a country’s capital, that is) I have visited. The people there were friendly, warm, and most of all welcoming. The food reminded me of America, in the sense that portions were rather large when considering the average size of a human. St. Paul’s Cathedral is a must, as is climbing the hill in the park to get a good view of the city from above. It’s not a casual walk in the park kind of climb up to the top, but I would say it is worth it for someone who likes to enjoy a view. Also, I have many more picture of Prague, but the struggle of finding them on my laptop shuffled through the thousands of other photos I have is a little too strong for me. This city is not one to be bored in so easily, as there are many things to do there, with various ways to engage in the local lifestyle and culture of the Czechs.


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