Cluj-Napoca, Romania

My favorite city, quite possibly in the world, is Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I visited this city when I would spend my childhood and summers in Romania, though I would usually be with my grandparents out the countryside, so my time in the city was limited. The first time I stayed for an extensive period was in 2014, when I stayed at my cousin’s place in the city. I fell in love with it over and over again when I would roam around the city, eating the food, enjoying the culture, and making memories with the friends I would come to know as my family, and with my family who became my best friends. Every time I leave this city to come back to America, my heart breaks. Even now, I long to spend my days wandering the streets of Cluj with an ice cream in hand, occasionally people-watching and making ourselves laugh.

Biserica Sfantul Mihail in Piata Unirii, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

(Pictured above is my favorite church, built in 1309).

The parks in Cluj are always full of people of all ages, whether they be old, young, married, or walking in solitude. Also, it doesn’t hurt too bad that they have free wifi now at every park. In 2015, Cluj-Napoca was named the European Youth Capital by the European Union. It was during this year they began their yearly music festival called Untold, which spans a few days the beginning of August. This past summer in 2016, they had even more music festivals which invited hundreds of thousands of people from not only Romania, but all over Europe and the world. Cluj is a flourishing city which is now thriving with culture, good food, and a warm atmosphere all around. It makes me happy to see how great the city is, how far it has come from where it has been, and where it will go in the future. The potential is there, and I know they will use it to their advantage.

Every day, I miss this city more and more. The memories I’ve made here are priceless, and I long to live the life and culture of such a beautiful city. I look forward to where the future will take me, the memories I still have yet to make, and the experiences I will forever cherish in my heart.



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