Food and Fall: Two of My Favorite Things

Food makes my world go round. Food is what I plan my days around: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One of my favorite aspects to traveling is exposing myself to new foods and varieties of foods that exist. Last weekend, I visited Portland and had hands down my favorite food I’ve had yet. It was a BLT biscuit. Simple, but sufficiently completed the job of feeding the soul. It was greasy, it wasn’t messy. It was perfection to me.

Pine Street Biscuits: BLT (on left)

My favorite “holiday traditions” aren’t exactly tradition per say and it usually doesn’t always take place during a holiday. Whatever that would now be, it is to visit Portland every year when the weather is colder. Since 2012, my family has been taking road trips up to Portland during winter, and in 2014, I went during Thanksgiving break. This past year I have already gone three times, with the third time being last weekend for my birthday, and to celebrate fall as well. There’s just something about exploring a city with beautifully clean air, colorful trees brightening the city, and walking down a cold and rainy street wrapped up in warm clothes with a hot coffee or tea in hand.

Coffee in hand in Portland, OR
Exploring in Oregon in the fall.
Sibling bonding time as we got lost in the forests of Oregon.
Under St. John’s Bridge in Portland, OR

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