When you fall asleep, do you ever notice the sound of your heart beating? Do you hear the lub-dub-lub-dub, S1 and S2 sounds as you ponder life and the moments you’ve experienced that day?? Do you ever question why God placed you on earth, and what your purpose or reason for existence is? I can tell you for some time in my life, I struggled with knowing I’m loved.. Loved, whole heartedly, unconditionally, and forevermore by someone who died for me to know. I sought out love in a world which left me empty and broken. However, as I fall asleep at night, the very sound of my beating heart reminds me of a love greater than I will ever grasp and understand.. A love deeper than the oceans, beyond the vast greatness of the galaxies He created. As God created the world and simply said, “It is good”, He created mankind and reminded us of how much He loves and has loved us with an “everlasting love” (Jeremiah 31:3). He created you; your quirks, your imperfections, your beautiful eyes, your kind heart, your passionate soul. He created you because He loves you. Always has. Always will. He created your inner being: the very DNA sequences which make up who you are. It’s hard to remember how much value we have in ourselves when all we see in the mirror are the flaws which we believe are flashing their red lights as us, serving as reminders of why we are not enough to be loved by another member of the human population whom we desperately desire to have a relationship with. God so desperately wants to have a relationship with us; we tend to forget that. We get carried away by working on perfecting our outer being and superficial qualities when Christ sees through it all to our very core. He sees our hearts and still longs to overfill us with His unconditional love and light. You are enough for Him. This doesn’t mean it gives you slack to not improve yourself.. Rather use it as reminder that He has loved you at your lowest, your worst part of yourself. And yet He still sees you as beautiful, worthy of being loved and used for His divine purpose. As you fall asleep tonight, just remember.. You. Are. LOVED.

Learning to embrace who I am in Christ.
May your life and talents reflect Christ and His love.
Fun fact: My hair is not this color anymore. I went back to my normal brown hair.

1 thought on “Beloved.

  1. Keep writing! 🙂


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