A Reason to Sing

Simply put, I struggle. I know I am not alone when I say this, but too often we choose not to believe the reality that we somehow might be imperfect– that we might not have our lives put together all the time. I believe vulnerability unfolds the distorted mask we build up for the world to see and reveals the beauty of our brokenness. When you have the strength to admit your weaknesses, you acquire the power to overcome them.. But do we admit it when we are weak? Do we cry out to our Father, in our hurt and pain, desperate for need and admit defeat? No matter what we are facing in life, He always gives us a reason to sing, no matter the situation, hurt, or pain we are experiencing.

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A reason to sing.

There are times when I question my value and my worth in what I do. When failures overwhelm me, I let them define who I am. I let my potential be limited by my inability to see past my mistakes. I allow limitations to hold me back instead of using them to motivate me to grow.. This is how Satan takes a hold. His words, slivered with lies, plant themselves into the cracks of your brokeness. They grow as you water them with your doubt and insecurities of who you are in Christ. The more you disbelieve your identity in Christ, the more you let yourself believe the lies of this world. Let me tell you this: you are more than that. You are more than the sum of your past mistakes. You are a beautiful creation made new in Him. Every. Single. Day. (2 Corinthians 5:17). Completely surrender everything in your life to Him; give yourself completely to Him, and He will give you all of Himself.

When times like these happen in life, don’t give in to the lies being whispered to you. Let the artist of the galaxies use your shattered and broken pieces to create and mold a beautiful creation. A dear friend of mine introduced me to the Japanese art of “Kintsugi”, where broken ceramics are repaired with gold, silver, or platinum in order to become more beautiful than how it originally was designed. Similar to this art, I believe our God does this with us. He takes our brokenness and creates something so much more beautiful than how we first envisioned ourselves to be. Rather than letting ourselves be cast aside because we believe our value is lost, He makes us even more beautiful because of our brokenness.
It’s not about what you have done, but about what has been done for you. If you need a soundtrack to listen to when you’re struggling through life, I advise you to listen to Tenth Avenue North’s Over and Underneath album from 2008. And if you need someone to hear you out and help you through anything you’re going through, please reach out to me. Even if it’s an unspoken and you need someone to pray for you– let me love you and do that for you.

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Walk in His love.

I hope you don’t think this post is all about me, but rather I hope you see how through my struggles and the hardships I face, that God still has me in His hands– that He is working His perfect will through me. May His love and light be reflected through all I do. I pray you see how He is working in my life, no matter how weary I may be in the moment.


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