Cody Kretzschmar

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to snap some pictures of the one and only, Cody Kretzschmar. It was after this shoot I realized how incredibly blessed I am to have a way to meet other people and get to know them more both in front of and behind the lens. Photography has created a chance for me to reach out and share experiences with others I usually might not have.


Cody Kretzschmar, Cal Baptist University graduate with a Bachelors of Environmental Science is a character to behold. His humor will keep you laughing while his vibrant personality keeps you guessing on what stories he might share with you next. With an easy going personality, he’s a natural at getting along well with various types of people. Along with this, it does help that his kind heart and curious mind to finding out more about people who come from different backgrounds than himself carries conversations further than most would dare to pursue.



For this photoshoot, we drove around Pasadena, gazed at the beautiful homes, and decided to start shooting on one of the neighborhood streets. I can’t say the exact location of where these street shots were taken. It was a random choice. Though I will say, I was impressed and thankful for his adventurous spirit and bold attitude to try something new with me.


For the pictures above, we headed over to Pasadena City Hall where a couple of other people were shooting as well; couple shoots, a newly wed couple, and even a quinceañera. It was here that I was beautifully surprised at the fact that Cody shared his nervousness to take pictures– he seemed to be an absolute natural while effortlessly posing for me. Seriously, Cody. You should model.


Cody, thank you for an incredible day. You, my dear, are an absolute joy to be around. May you bless others immensely wherever God leads you, and may you always be passionate in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire.


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