My name is Lisa Bangean. I am an American born Romanian, exploring life and living my purpose through Christ daily. Currently, I am a nursing student at California Baptist University in Riverside, California hoping to do mission’s work for some time, challenging┬ámy comfort zone and breaking down walls to reach others to Christ. I live to be challenged; to grow in ways I never saw myself growing and to be a person I know only God could have created and molded Himself. I struggle with who I am, and I struggle to find my place in this world, but I know it’s through the beautiful pain and hardships of life that God reminds us He makes all things new, and we are more than conquerors through Him. His grace is sufficient for us, and through His weakness, we are made strong. I hope to encourage others and to be a light to them amidst a dark and hopeless world. May my life reflect His love and goodness.


Facebook: Lisa Bangean

Instagram: lbangean

Snapchat: lisabangean

Email: lisabangean@gmail.com

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