From 2016 to 2017: My message to you.

Before you read this, I would like for you to note that I wrote the first half of this in my journal back in October, mid-flight from Portland to Los Angeles. I wasn’t sure if I would have shared it, but I figured someone needed to read this.. So here is my message to you:

May you live your life fearlessly. Fearless of pain, fearless of consequences (within reason), & fearless of the unknown and of comfort. Limiting oneself puts one at a disadvantage in regards to the life they were created to live. Fear keeps one from experiencing great things. Too often, we limit ourselves in order to feel comfortable when I believe we are called to be uncomfortable– to accomplish the tasks which are not easy. To endure the pain and hardships that has sweeter rewards waiting for us above. I have chosen brokenness, pain, and heartache. The path I tread breaks me to the core and shakes the foundations I was built upon. Without having stepped out of my comfort zone, challenging fear, I would not have been able to affirm who I am and where I stand in my faith. This life has broken me, molded me, shattered me, and rebuilt me from pieces time and time again. Through all I have endured, I know my pain will never be comparable to what my Jesus has suffered for me. Through it all, God is good. And He is good, through it all. Even when I am not; especially when I am not. He is good. He embodies goodness, graciousness, and mercy when I am least worthy of it. Not only does He love me when I least deserve it, but He drowns me in such love I fall in love with Him again and again.

God gives us life.. And through this life He gave us, we are to fill it with His love to others. It was out of Love we were given another chance at life, and it’s through the people He has placed in my life who still love me regardless of my selfish being, which reminds me how blessed I am. May you never take any day for granted. May you seize each day with the strong force of resources God has provided you. We know not what tomorrow holds; therefore, make today the greatest day you have ever lived.

Love always,

Lisa Bangean

Photograph of myself taken by my sister, Damaris, in a park next to Casa Poporului, Bucharest, Romania.

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